Lee Holmes' Supercharged Food Empire featured on Shark Tank, and got backing!

This book takes an alternative look at eating with recipes based on the ancient Indian healing systems of Ayurveda. In Ayurvedic practice, identifying your 'dosha', unique body type, and keeping it in balance is key to maintaining your weight and overall health.

Lee Holmes' book is more than a recipe book with a complete understanding into Ayurveda. You will come away very knowledgeable and it's a wonderful read,

Over 120 delicious recipes and a couple of the recipes we love include Saffron Lemonade, Pumpkin Bake and Slow Cooked Balancing Vegetables.

Supercharged Food is the brainchild of Lee Holmes. Lee is a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach and believes that we need to start looking after ourselves from the inside out. We need to take control of what we put into our bodies to assist with our health.

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