With news outlets predicting that gut health is going to be a trend for another year coming (searches on Pinterest alone are up by 251%), it has become clear that just as we brush our teeth and hop in the shower, looking after our gut needs to be a part of our daily routine. Lee Holmes&; new book Supercharge Your Gut is the first book to show how supercharging your gut two days of the week can contribute to overall improved health that will impact everything from your immune system and hormone levels, to weight and sleep.

In the first part of the book, Lee explains how her plan is not a quick-fix but a long-term, flexible way of looking after your microbiota as your gut can fluctuate due to external factors, whether it be stress at work, a mad food-binge over the weekend, or lack of sleep. Starting with an inside look at the gut, Lee explains how it works and what it needs to function at its best, as well as helping the reader to identify whether external symptoms are actually signs of poor gut health. Packed full of support and advice, including how to reduce bloating, boost colon health and how to cook for the family, Lee also provides answers and recipes for SIBO, histamine intolerance and FODMAPS, alongside tips on how to identify trigger foods, the best ingredients to support the gut lining and prebiotic favourites.

The second half of the book takes you on to Lee&;s to-die-for recipes, that have a great reputation for the reason of being utterly delicious. Designed to give your gut a break from hard-to-digest foods (allowing for the reparation of the gut lining, lowering inflammation and for healthy microflora to flourish) recipes range from drinks and nourishing breakfasts to gut-friendly mains and desserts. Start your morning with a mocha and banana smoothie bowl and turmeric scrambled eggs; gut graze on almond and buckwheat crackers and salmon pate; dip your spoon into apple and fennel soup for lunch; dine on ginger-seared tuna with avocado, pea and mint smash or chocolate chilli beef; wow your friends with Lee&;s Sunday braised beef ribs with lemongrass and tamarind; and enjoy desserts with benefits from raspberry peppermint bark and coconut and mango panna cotta.

A refreshing remedy to our fast-paced, ultra-hectic modern diet and lifestyle, Supercharge Your Gut is the ultimate how-to manual for fixing your gut for the long-term.

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