Grow delicious and unique Lion's Mane mushrooms at home. They are often described as the 'Lobster of the woods' due to its similarity with the taste of shellfish, they have a meaty, juicy and tender consistency, perfect for any vegetarian feast!

Lion's Mane mushrooms were often reserved only for Royals due to their high quality taste and rarity. Now you can easily grow them from the comfort of your own home with our Lion's Mane Grow Kit, just add water and watch your box grow spectacular flourishes of of the beautiful Lion's Mane mushroom.

The Lion's Mane mushroom in this grow kit is an Australian native strain known as Hericium coralloides and often referred to as the 'coral tooth mushroom' due to its unique and wonderful appearance with branches white cascading icicles.

Reconnect with your food as you watch it grow until it is on your plate and experience that unbeatable freshness and flavour!

How to use

• Grow Lion's Mane in a well ventilated and cool part of your home. These mushrooms thrive in temperatures below 20 degrees celsius

• Spray your lion's mane grow kit at least twice per day with the spray bottle. Don't be afraid of over watering as mushrooms love humidity.

A full set of instructions is provided on the box.

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