An inspiring and practical journey to quitting plastics.
Kate Nelson has been disposable-plastic free for a decade. She started small- stopping her use of plastic bags and water bottles, refusing straws and carrying a reusable cup for takeaway coffee. But unhappy with how much plastic she still handled in her day-to-day life, she knew she had to do more. It took years, but Kate has developed effective strategies that others can easily adopt.

I Quit Plastics is an inspiring and practical guide to reducing your use of plastics, packed with information, 'how-to's and tips to help you cook, clean, shop, wear and live plastic-free. Kate shows how to reduce your waste and live more simply and sustainably, no matter where you're starting from.
With over 60 recipes covering nutrition, bodycare, hygiene and cleaning Kate Nelson provides the tools you need to make small personal changes that have lasting global impact.
"I'm so excited that a book like this one has finally landed on our shelves! Since reading this amazing piece of writing, I've discovered many new ways to minimise my carbon footprint. The Plastic Free Mermaid is educating all of us on alternative ways to live that favour our health, happiness, land & oceans. I can't recommend this book highly enough." - Elyse Knowles, author of From Me to You- Living Life with Positivity, Passion and Purpose.

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