Your everyday life may be difficult and demanding. You are getting exhausted in order to cope with professional and family obligations. That's why you need Floradix. The female tonic, rich in fruit juices, special tonic herbal extracts, iron and vitamins, helps you cope with your everyday obligations.

Floradix helps you to cope with your daily responsibilities reduces fatigue, enhances stamina and defense. It gives you energy every day, stimulates body and mood!


Aqueous vegetable and plant extract (carrot, spinach, fennel), concentrated fruit juice (pear, grape, gooseberry, water, berry, cherry, orange, leek, lemon, apple), carob extract, water yeast extract, honey, rosehip containing 4% vitamin C, ferrous ferrous sulfate, wheat germ extract, vitamin C, natural flavor, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, maltodextrin.


Ingredient Information

Nutritional Ingredients per 20 ml (% R.D.A. *)

- Iron: 15 mg (107,2 %)

- ??taµ??? C / Vitamin C: 20 mg (44,0 %)

- ??taµ??? ?1 / Vitamin B1: 1,6 mg (146,0 %)

- ??taµ??? ?2 / Vitamin B2: 1,8 mg (112,4 %)

- ??taµ??? ?6 / Vitamin B6: 0,8 mg (53,2 %)

- ??taµ??? ?12 / Vitamin B12: 1,2 µg (85,6 %

(*) R.D.A.: Recommended Daily Allowance

Does not contain:

Sugar, alcohol, chemical preservatives or additives.


20 ml per day, preferably from 20 to 30 minutes before a meal and without the concomitant intake of foods rich in calcium. For better utilization of nutrient content, it is proposed to split the daily amount into 2 doses before meals (for example, 2 times daily 10 ml).

Each 20ml Floradix provide15mg iron Fe (II).


Iron absorption is delayed when taken together with calcium, tannins, vitamin E and with drugs such as antacids and tetracyclines.


Each 20ml Floradix contain18,5 Kcal or 0,4 BU

(1 BU (Bread Unit) corresponds to 12g carbohydrates).

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