About us

Through our service, knowledge, and carefully selected products, we assist our customers on their health and lifestyle journey.


Taylor's Healthy Grocers is a specialty grocer, retailer, and cafe in the Illawarra, with a focus on supplying goods for a broad range of allergy and dietary restrictions. Taylor's prides itself on sourcing high quality local, sustainable, organic, and environmentally friendly products, delivered with caring and community-focused customer service.

Our Story:

Owners Kate and Craig English have four children with a variety of allergies and dietary restrictions. After struggling to find suitable products for their family, they were motivated to open Taylor’s Healthy Grocers to provide quality options for community members like themselves!

Taylor’s Healthy Grocers Thirroul opened in 2010 with a mission to source local, ethical, organic, and non-toxic goods for the Wollongong area. The store specialises in meeting allergy and dietary concerns with warm customer service. In response to support and feedback from its amazing customers, Taylor’s has since broadened to include a large range of food, health, beauty, and lifestyle products.  

In 2014, Taylor’s opened a second store in Wollongong Central, expanding their offerings to a coffee store in addition to the retail selection. Taylor’s is committed to supporting other local Illawarra businesses. As such, the coffee store partners with Swell Coffee and serves a range of locally made vegan and gluten-free items. Meanwhile, our Thirroul location has also transformed its space to include wellness rooms used by local natural practitioners.

Taylor’s is inspired by our customers to evolve and create approachable shopping experiences. In this mindset, we are excited to launch our website, which presents our community with online ordering options for delivery and pick-up. This new aspect of Taylor’s will ensure all customers have convenient, comfortable, and safe access to our unique range of goods.  

Thank you for supporting our family-owned business, and we look forward to continuing to grow together!