Taylors Thirroul

Taylor’s Healthy Grocers Thirroul and Taylor’s Central Healthy Grocers were created by Katelyn English (nee Taylor) and Craig English. Kate, plus three of their four children have dietary issues.

Feeling frustrated with not being able to find suitable products for their family they decided to open the initial store, Taylor’s Healthy Grocers, in Thirroul. That was April 19 2010. Kate and their fantastic team have run the store whilst Craig, a local high school teacher, has continued to teach.

The philosophy of Taylor’s is to source, where possible, local, sustainable, organic, fairtrade and environmentally and allergy/dietary friendly products, coupled with caring customer service.

Since opening, Taylor’s (Thirroul) has continued to grow and now has over 7,000 products instore. This growth has happened mostly through the feedback and support of the amazing customers that continuously inform and inspire.

In July 2014, Kate was approached by GPT to open a store within the new West Keira, Crown Central Wollongong Development. After a lot of thought, the decision was made to open Taylor’s Central. This came with the opportunity to add in a coffee shop, and partner with a local coffee supplier SwEll Coffee.

Taylor’s Central sells takeaway organic, fairtrade coffees/teas and has an offering of vegan pies, paleo treats, salads and many more goodies. Taylor’s Central opened at the beginning of December 2014 – it was a very exciting time, finalising plans and making those finishing touches.

The team at Taylor’s are ready and very excited to welcome you at either store.

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